Think outside the box with Kunwar Atul

Hey, everyone. After long time, I’m back with another interview with Kunwar Atul. He is an Application Security Engineer, have keen interest in DevSecOps, Mobile Security, and WebApp Security. Apart from these, He is an active member of Defcon, Null and OWASP. He worked on various applications with different different companies. Last year he gave a talk “Building Security Champions in Organization” in The Hack Summit. Without wasting more time, Let’s get started …

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Think outside the box with Devansh Batham

Hey, everyone. I hope you all are safe in this pandemic. After a long time, I am back with an interview session. So, today’s guest is Devansh Batham, aka Asm0d3us. He is currently working as a triager at HackerOne, and also he created a lot of tools. He gave wonderful answers to all the questions, I am delighted with his answers. Thank You, so much Devansh! :heart: for all the well-explained answers and also for creating awesome tools. Please check out his open-source tools and his blog posts. This is the third post in series of Interviews. Let’s get started!

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Think outside the box with Satyam Gothi

Hey, all. I hope you all are well during this pandemic. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for loving the interview sessions. I got a wonderful response in the last interview. Today, I’m going to invite “Satyam Gothi aka RogueSMG”. He is a security analyst in Securelayer7, a bug bounty hunter, and also a content creator. I fell in love with his videos and How he breaks down all the things. Kudos to all the efforts. Thank You, so much Satyam Gothi! :heart: for all the well-explained answers and also for creating contents. In future, We want more contents from you. I request everyone to subscribe his channel. This is the second post in series of Interviews. Let’s get started!

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Think outside the box with Debangshu Kundu

I’m back again with a new series of posts named “Think outside the box,” inspired by PentesterLand’s AMA. I planned to interview good hackers, where I asked a few questions about his industry domains. This is the first post in this series of interviews, and I’m pleased about this initiative. So, today I’m going to invite a young bug-bounty hunter “Debangshu Kundu.” He is a seeker of knowledge, and I learned a lot from him in the past 3months; that’s why I want to invite him as my first guest. He gave me wonderful replies to all the questions which I asked him. Thank You, so much Debangshu bro! :heart: for all the well-explained answers. Let’s start without wasting more time. We are going to dive deeper into a pool of exciting answers from Debangshu. Below are asked questions with table of contents, you can also use toc from here …

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List of HTB Machine Walkthroughs

Hello to all of you! I hope you all are well in this pandemic. I started doing hackthebox machines; that’s why I created a list of hackthebox machine walkthroughs. I love to read/watch walkthroughs by 0xdf, ippsec, and xct. I will update this regularly. We all know that how much hackthebox machines are good, and we all want to read walkthroughs. :heart:

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Diving in Android Security

Hello everyone, This is my first blog post. Many of my friends suggested me to get into Android Security. I started learning android security and learned many things, but I faced a lot of problems. So I wanted to create a series of blog posts to guide those peeps who wanna get into android security. You know what? There are fewer resources about android security on the Internet. This article will explain some android internals, which helps us to understand the android architecture. I’m a complete newbie in android security, So pardon me if there any mistake in this article, or you can correct me if there’s any mistake in this article.

6 min read
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