About me

The name is Sarvagya Sagar. He is a steadfast seeker of knowledge, an occasional purveyor of wisdom, and also coincidentally a hacker. He enjoys never being satisfied with his programming, traveling, mathematics, hacking and occasionally sketching with a touch of mellow smoothness. Stab a fork into your eyeballs and look at his Twitter Handler to take a closer look at his work-history.

This is enough of talking about myself in the third person.

Words can’t define me, but I can tell you who I am. Most of my friends called me Mitthu, and I am award-winning 21 Years Old, self-proclaimed Infosec badass and self-taught hacker. Graduated last year and now I’m up for a JOB. I invest most of my time in learning Investigation and Web-Security related things. I do hacking because I love it. I am constantly learning web technologies, penetration testing, and other programming related topics. I love to play with Python, Golang and some low-level languages which turns me in the beast. I am good at building different-different skills and very keen on web-application penetration testing. I like making new connections. I embrace the nerds, and I’m an aficionado of Samy Kamkar and Elon Musk. Hopefully, we cross paths in the real world someday, and we can make it a better place together. Happy to help. Now it’s your time, Tell me your secrets